02 April 2007

Boxed in and "bent out of shape"

My neighbor with the nice beach has left, and someone with a view-blocking department store moved in. I wish I'd known it was for sale. Such are the joys of the mainland. I'm tempted to find a rental somewhere in a shopping sim and move my main shop there.

Couldn't find any of the people I was looking for. There were more I should have contacted, but I had too little time and was too grumpy. I'll try again sometime this week, Dippy.

There is talk that RT's new mall sim has a lag problem. I will have to go visit and see.

I realized I don't have anything on AvTx about basic avatar shapes. I've seen a few things, like "Don't be afraid of the gravity slider" for female AVs, talk about general proportions, some tips for making child AVs that don't look like miniature adults... There isn't much information about them. If you've got a favorite hint, please comment!

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