27 April 2007

Vending Plans and Rambles.

Another of the malls I vend in is moving, so I get to spend time rearranging. Wonder if this will help or hurt sales? I'm beginning to think the real advantage of building a store on land one owns is not having to deal with moving.

I also need to cycle my offerings at some of my sites.

The thing that's been holding me back from taking new pics of several of my avatars is an animation or two. I haven't seen a good venus-de-milo pose for some of my shapes, so I need to get off my butt and make one. I also want a looking-over-shoulder pose. With a pair of poseballs and a photo setup, I can get that done. I want the venus pose so I don't have to keep track of PG vs M issues - why a female's nipples are considered M when a male's are PG I've never understood.

Then I think I'll finish up my avatar vending machine. I still want one. All the other kids have one. ;)

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