17 April 2007

Search again.

You're all probably sick of it by now, but I'm still enjoying the development of the Sheep Search. Ordinal Malaprop enriches the conversation here. Kami Harbinger's strongly-worded article brings up a lot of interesting points, and has more links. The technical development is neat, (operators have been added,) but the way the search and the SL communities are adapting and responding to one another fascinates me. The themes of public vs private, ownership rights, and attempts to define ethical behavior carry a lot of echos of the Copybot discussions. I like that things are moving slower - it gives people more time to think about what they want to say. And I haven't seen signs that this has gotten much beyond the SL blog community - most people on the grid have no idea it exists.

As an aside, I'm putting my scripted av vendor on hold for now. I've been reluctant to take new pictures of several of my models, and if this search does become popular, I'm better off sticking to box vendors. Laziness. ;)

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