09 April 2007

Shadow Gardening

The dramatic size of the virtual strains of Gigantus mushrooms has always fascinated me. I first encountered them in a delightful place known as Taco; they had a field of red and white ones within walking distance of the town. The town and its field no longer exist, but my fondness for the giant fungi has stayed with me.

Standing in the shadow cast by a single house-sized mushroom makes it easy to put my frustrations into perspective. I've set up a box garden of a handful of compatible Torleiceae varieties. This collection is made up of vibrantly colored and fairly small species ( less than ten meters tall at maturity ) with tones that are typically within a C (or F) major chord.

It took a sizable volume of manure from the offices of my favorite SL newsrags, a few benches, and a handful of spores to create this unusual garden. Feel free to stop by and relax while listening to the soothing sounds of these colorful giants.

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