30 April 2007

Vendor babble.

I made some animations (with QAvimator) for vendor pictures and set up a little photo-shoot area about 300M up on my Seomna plot. A backdrop, some poseballs, some light prims. Taking pictures at midnight with light prims does neat things, as does using colored lighting. I've got to finish the rest of the 2D graphics work, but here's one.

Set up the new vendor area after the one mall moved. I like FN's new mall, it is open and spacious without feeling too large. There's a balance between claustrophobic sensory overload and disconnected empty chaos. The only negative to my point of view is how they handled the independent shops. They're in a ring outside of the building holding the rest of the vendors and don't seem like a part of the space.

Landwise, I'm starting to see mainland parcels listed for under L$10/m² which cheers me up tremendously as a buyer.

I'm hoping that the Blender export for sculpted prims comes out by the time they hit the main grid. The free version of Maya watermarks images it exports, making it useless for SL.

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