02 January 2007


I was wondering about the mystery that is dwell. This transcript from a town hall is much more useful.

Every user gets a point to give out during the 24 hours between midnight and midnight. Any parcel of land that the user spends more than 5 sequential minutes on gets counted as a place that they spent time. The user's point is then evenly divided between those parcels.

So, if was online for 1 hour and spent 20 minutes on resident A's parcel and 40 minutes on resident B's parcel, resident A would get 0.333 from me and resident B would get 0.666 from me. Alternately, if I only spent 5 minutes online and spent all of it on resident A's land, she would receive 1 point from me. Those raw point totals are what is reported in the find window.

Interesting. Attracting people who are already here doing other things isn't worth as much. You get the most benefit if they log in, spend at least five minutes on your parcel, then log out. Doesn't matter how long they stay. You don't want visits from residents, you want exclusive visitors.

On the surface, that makes camping chairs and the like rather pointless. But when you add free alts to the mix, alts which are typically "parked" at a site and are used to camp or dance endlessly for lindens... I am amused at the idea that an unused alt with an anti-idler is worth more than an avatar with a person behind it.

I'd be more interested in an "number of visitors" stat, and maybe a "total AV hours" stat.

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