05 January 2007

Yes, another one of THOSE posts. :D

Neko Oasis moved, so my shop is now in a new tiki hut at the new site. The old sim is apparently being converted into a combat sim and the people in charge of N.O. concluded that many people don't care to shop in a warzone. I ended up across from the lady who sells the wild fingernails which works well for both of us - the only similar products we have are eyes, and ours are very different.

I'm talking with Samii Itoku about vending in Rocket City - drop him an IM if you're interested. His crew are looking for furry avatar vendors and are offering very nice vendor rental rates. Since Taco closed down, I haven't found another site with an area exclusively for furry avatar shopping. I like the main build there - while it is a fairly realistic copy of a realworld hotel, it doesn't have shadow-baked textures. I don't often like them or "reflections" because the illusion shatters for me when an avatar interacts with the space.

The octopus avatar is now for sale in my main store, my furry venues, and SLExchange.

I was experimenting with tortured prims again last night. When I get bored of that, I'm going to box the interesting ones up as another freebie. While I only came up with two new shapes I wanted to keep, I did end up doing an impromptu building lesson, and I made an interesting set of flower themed outdoor furniture. The chairs remind me of a shop I saw (whose name I wish I remembered) that was full of fantastic prim-scultped plants. If I decide to polish them, I might sell them.

I was looking at what I sell and give away and see four categories of products. Furry (and related) avatars, utilities, humorous items, and things for yards and gardens. I might try adding categories to my classified listing and see if I get more visits.

I saw three (inoperative) camping chairs at Chantal's yesterday. Next time I catch up with her I'm going to have to explain how dwell percentages work. I expect she'd get better results by offering a class.

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