19 January 2007

Vending rental sites

Group Liability? What's that?
Huh. I wish I'd known about that earlier, would have been nice if that was IN THE NOTECARD. None of the other places I rent charge that, they pay for their own ads. I need to run my numbers on that site anyway; I'm not sure it is profitable enough to be worth keeping. Especially after the whole build got moved down and to the right the other day - I noticed because I tend to lock prims on completed builds so I don't mess up anything by accident. I also didn't enjoy the notecard/messages drama the other week. It is a f&cking vending group, I'm not there for a dramafest.

What do I want in a vending rental site?

Very low noise on group channels. Easy payment methods. No returning my stuff without an IMed explanation. A week's lead time for any changes. Mature and timely responses to IMs. No moving of my stuff or the space I rent without announcement and lead time. If I'm going to be paying Group Liability, I want to be told before I rent, and I want to know what it has cost the last couple months.

I like areas that seek vendors of similar products. I tend to shop for X, and having a site filled with vendors selling X (and things related to X) saves me endless search-TP iterations. They're also a quick way to learn about new people creating and selling X, and to learn about a market. Perfection is when you ask strangers "where can I buy X?" and they send you there.

Speaking of which, if you come across a mall focused on boots, IM me. ;)

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