16 January 2007

Finished the first version of my "lucky chair" last night. Oddly fun to make. I threw in a prize of a unique cage - I made a version of my box-cage in bright pink with flower petals falling from the top. Makes me laugh. I think I'll release it on SLX as a Valentine's day special. I might set up Chantal with a couple of the chairs, they're cheaper to run and more interactive than camping chairs.

I might market the chair, haven't decided yet. I'd have to write up instructions and make some of its features configurable. I might change the prize picture functionality too - I think I want anything without a pic to show something like a question mark. I did set the chair so it won't show the same letter twice, and so it boots people off when the letter changes.


One of the people I know who disappeared months ago has reappeared as a new AV. One of the interesting things about SL is how you can make a clean start. I'm curious to see what he learned from the last one and whether he does things differently this time.

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