15 January 2007

Over the weekend

Met one of the new neighbors. Initial impression is very good, she's a pleasure to talk with and knows how to make an attractive site.

Carl Sagan Memorial in SL.

Sold my first octopus av yesterday. Made some updates to the cannon, for happier particles.

Talked my RL bestest buddy into coming in SL again. His first experience was a mess; he couldn't TP out of the starting area. This time he got flung into a welcome area, but after a little exploring was trapped in an endless salsa that an "animation stop" tool couldn't end and his inventory kept freezing. :P I got two crashes for trying to touch items in my inventory. SL also hit 26K concurrent this weekend.

Played a little WoW for the first time in months. I'm angry that my friendslist has been erased, but overall I had fun, after spending ten bazillion minutes loading patches. Blizzard's way of spreading their patches stinks.

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