29 January 2007

Laggy Transactions History

Something's going laggy with LL's ability to post up transactions. I've got vendors that IM me about sales and the money from those sales, but my Transactions History page in LL's website doesn't have any sales after Saturday mid-evening.

Other than me being fussy, this doesn't have a lot of impact for me. I have almost no support IMs, I don't mind leaving my funds in SL for a while, and as long as I get the history eventually everything I'm doing will continue to work. But one of my vendor-rent arrangements involves a cut of sales from the site and I'm itching to see what kind of sales I got from an event they had Saturday night.

Ah! Inworld we should use World|Account History|Sales/Gifts to get transaction logs. They only hold up to 500 transactions, so check them regularly. Apparently the replicas of the DBs used by the webserver aren't updating well. Here, way down in the comments.

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