02 January 2007

land and the sights.

Watched the land on the ocean side of the park change hands at least twice yesterday. I'm waiting until there's a longer term resident before reshaping that side of my land. The prices on land have inflated impressively.

A lady who makes a circus cannon dropped by. We talked shop. All we need now is a circus. ;)

Went cruising in the octopus AV last night and met someone with this impressive spider AV. It is big, and startlingly realistic. The pictures on the ad don't do it justice. I'm surprised the ad doesn't mention the leg movement.

Some unseelie (unseemly?) elves have moved in down the coast. They've put up ban lines, so I had to turn my cannon around since people were bouncing off of the angry red lines. Musing about making the cannons their own flying platform. I'm real tempted to see if I can aim one so that people fly thru one of the rooftop doorways in Chantal's mall.

Bax is trying to convince me to make an inflatable sheep.

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