13 September 2006

Baby, what'd I do? Please come back!

Oh scripting wiki
Why have you forsaken me?
I flail helplessly.

The lsl wiki is a wonderful resource. I came to SL knowing how to program, and it gave me the information and examples I needed to satisfy my building urges with ease. To the people who made it what it was, I thank you.

The old scripting wiki remains down. The new site isn't up yet. The available mirrors I've found are either out of date by six months or more, incomplete, or the links all lead back to the original wiki. The frustration is unbearable. I scream, rip at my hair, rend the flesh from my body. All is futile. *sobs*

I forsee a lot of private copies, assuming it returns.

In other news, I should quit acting antisocial and go join the SL group called "Scripters of Second Life."

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