08 September 2006

Scripting rambles

It may be time to learn about llPushObject(). Seeing as if you own the land it'll work on any targets regardless of whether "no push" is turned on or not. *grin* My cannons will be a lot more fun!

I really wish that phantom and non-phantom objects could link together and keep their states. Having to script objects containing both so that they play well together is a pain. Either sensors or channeled llSay(). I admit, I'm overly fussy about cleanup issues - I've been setting things so that if the phantom object is deleted the non-phantom one respawns it, and if the non-phantom one is deleted the phantom one calls llDie(). And coordinating how to keep them "together" when the owner decides to move it - bah! But in the end I think the scripts are generic enough I can drop them into future projects, so it'll probably prove worthwhile. But oh was I frustrated when I discovered that llVolumeDetect() doesn't respond to things rezzing or dying!

While I'm daydreaming, the other thing I'd really like is some kind of display showing me which prims in an object have contents. Scripts, objects, notecards... I can get an "active script" view using world controls - it turns them a creepy red like the "invisibility detection" view.

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