27 September 2006

It hates the holo-vendor, it does, my precious!

Well, that was frustratingly educational. Turns out
you can click on BUY, enter zero for the number of
lindens, and no money event will fire. *snarls, yanks
hair* I could make freebies sell using the TOUCH
option on the pie menu or something, but your typical
user isn't going to think of trying that. I finally
accepted that this particular holo-vendor won't sell
free items. It does IM the owner with information
about the sale now.

Lots more thinking on holo-vendors and their usefulness.

I also went ahead and took pictures of my cages and
prepared them for sale at SLExchange. Writing ad copy
makes me laugh. I'm going to wait until Friday to
enter the information on the website; I seem to get
more sales that way.

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