07 September 2006

Boats, Cannons, and balloons

I don't like the pirate ship, the insides are too curved to be useful and it just seems like a wasteful use of space. The marquee lights rock though. I think I'm going to redo it into a floating raft. That'll be easier to resize and party on. I think I'll add a higher platform so I can keep my "climbable" rope - and I like the idea of a multilevel environment. Maybe a cannon that people can shoot themselves out of? I think I'll be twisted and keep the pirate boat theme but get rid of the boat. Aim it to encourage people to look toward the ocean and away from my neighbor's floating 10M rotating cube. (She and I talked some yesterday, she seems okay although it was a little strange watching her test a new box of sexual positions...) If I decide to make a roof and don't want people standing on it, I have to remember to make it phantom.

Now I'm thinking about that cannon... I can use llSitTarget() to go in any direction up to 300M. I want it to shoot in the direction the cannon faces, so I need the rotation of the cannon and a distance calculation to get the SitTarget location. I can probably use a default animation to show someone "loaded" in the cannon. Sit loads them, Touch fires the cannon. If someone is in the cannon it fires them into the air. I need a sound and some "boom" smoke too. Bet I could sell it.

I also want to make a free random balloon on a string vendor. Everyone should have a balloon. If I use GetInventory I can make it generic enough that I don't have to mod the script every time I add another kind of balloon.

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