25 September 2006

Building, Vending, etc...

Scripting groups of prims to move is a PITA. The copy-paste sucks, but with all of the grid-wide script shutdowns lately I don't dare leave that info in the script's live memory. Getting the positioning info was easy - I gave each prim a unique name and a "positioning" script that had them announce their rotation and position on touch. Touch, move the group, touch again. Copy it all out of the chat history. I saved the object with the positioning scripts in case I decide to add more "animations" later. I have a LOT more respect for those people who make the giant animated dragon avatars now.

I also built a hidden laboratory to be known as the Super Sekrit Research Lab. Boring old skybox scripted to turn transparent at my touch. Gives me a place to work on scripting and building when I don't want to be interrupted. The avatar I tend to wear while building (the black female poodle with glasses and a toolbelt) is a no0b magnet. Most of the time I don't mind, but when I'm hip deep in scripts it isn't the time to teach someone to teleport.

I also built an avatar that's a bunch of metallic "eyes" and circling bits of metal. It looks a lot more like a "we" than an "I". Drove around one of the sandbox sims in it and had fun talking to some builders, and introduced a fairly new SL'er to the scripting group.

I ran into on of my buddies. He was showing off a new look and wanted a watch to go with it, so I whipped one up and we dropped a couple "bling" particle scripts into it. I hadn't really noticed before that how much faster I build now than I did a couple months ago. People who've been in SL for years must be scary to watch. *grin*

I sold a couple cages and poodle avatars this weekend. I need to prep my cages for SLExchange sale by next weekend. Writing the copy for those should be fun. *grin* I seem to get more sales if I put new things up there on friday nights or early saturday. Been pushing around taking a better set of pics for selling the poodles on SLExchange; the current ones are pretty boring.

I was wading thru the code for the holo-vendor and I'm pretty sure I know what to change so it allows me to sell 0L items. llSetPayPrice() decides you don't want a button if the price is zero, and the current code removes the "fill in the blank" option. It is already sending out a link message about the sale - I need to see if there's another script in there responding to it, and if I can put in my "IM the owner with location" script there.

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