15 September 2006

Thoughts on my first crowded event

Last night was the first time I've been on a sim with over 100 avatars on it. Only crashed once. I got to "see" Jonathan Coulton, get attacked by a giant squid, and hear a lot of music.

Instead of listening to the music thru SL, I attached WinAmp to the music stream. I encourage you to try this - if/when a sim goes down, you can still enjoy the music.

We've all heard about how large events encourage participants to remove attachments and active scripts, so I whipped up a no-prim avatar. I was surprised to see many long-time residents didn't do the same. They didn't ask us to remove anything; I don't know whether that would have kept us from crashing or not.

I'm wondering if it would be worth making up a line of no-prim, no-script avatars to gift people with at events. Concert Carmen, Event Ernest, White Noise, etc... Would people use them? Would it significantly affect sim lag? Time to email the watermelon-decorated Torley, and see if I can get some Linden wisdom on this.

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