04 September 2006

Temp-rez scripting, and new experiences.

My neighbor closest to the coast decided to leave the sim. Governor Linden decided to sell of a large hunk of coastline and she didn't want to see what will become of it. I was weak and had many new experiences. I own twice the land I did yesterday, I know how to exchange USD for Lindens, and I pay land tax.

In other news, I now know that the easiest way to position a temp-rez item is using llRezAtRoot(). If you don't have anything at the root of the rezzing object, make yourself a tiny prim and place it there. Saves hours of fussing.

The balloons and sandbags on my flying boat home now rez themselves, with a throttle script in place for when the sim becomes stressed. Read the scripting section on lag sometime. I used llGetRegionTimeDilation() to determine the sim's condition, and the rezzing prims pop up a cute bit of hovering text when the script is throttled.

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