22 September 2006

A neighbor's mall, vending, and headaches

My inland neighbor has been building a small mall, primarily selling poseballs and sex-related toys. We talked some yesterday, and she's offered me a little space in her building. Claims to be getting over 500 unique visitors daily. Among other things, she talked about how she wished she had some "sub cages" to sell. Really, all they are is a box with a locking door... so I built one. 5 prims, 2x2x3M, a door that opens and closes to the touch, a door that locks and can only be unlocked by the owner, a squeaky sound for door movement, and a sound of rattling when someone tries to open a locked door. Keeping to the metallic theme, I made them in black, gold, and steel. They're being sold as Copy only, so I decided to price them at 69L. If I sell a couple I might list them on SLExchange. Pushing around making an "asian" themed one with bamboo bars too.

She also had another idea for a scripted product she'd love to sell... I might have to try making it just for the challenge. Very, er, adult market. *wink*

I'm not satisfied with the base holo-vendor. I use the Hibrid 1.5c. It works well, but I want to make a few changes. It does not vend free items, something I consider a problem. I like mixing freebies into my vendors to encourage people to look at all the items. The vendors don't suggest to the casual brower what's being sold - they have to interact with it to find out. I'm considering changing the base into a large poster showing a composite picture of all the items. I need to change the _HOLO script to have the item llOwnerSay() if the spawned holo is not temporary - I've messed that up twice. I also want it to IM the owner when it makes a sale with its location.

On my ship, there's now a pile of cannonballs to go with the cannons. There's a poseball in there masquerading as a cannonball. I found a free sitting pose that makes AVs look like they have a terrible headache and I just couldn't resist using it.

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