06 September 2006

Home, and a possible pirate hangout

I finished assembling the little shop on my land. Boxes for the poodle avatars are looking good, and I put up a holo-vendor with some freebies, my scripted grills, and other stuff in it. I added my toolbelt to the freebies, although I think I won't bother adding it to my SLExchange list. Sticking with the parkland theme I've got going, the shop is housed in a small pavillion. I need to add a lightsource to the shop. I'm still trying to decide if I want to add a little stone path from the patio to it.

I'm now dreaming of making another boat, this one unanchored. It'll be higher up (more skybox-like) and intended as a party platform. I think I'll put teleporters on the boats so it'll be easy to go from one to the other (and any others I make in the future.) Primwise, it won't cost any more than adding another level to my existing boat, and assembly should be easier since I'll only have to swap out a set of sandbagged balloons. It'll have to have a plank and a pirate's flag. I might have to talk to Gorilla about linking it with his build when it is done - he's a neighbor who's been building an entertainment park a little further down the coast.

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