13 December 2006

Advertising, and the wo ting bu dong

Been experimenting with using the Classifieds forums to advertise products. I get a lot more views, but I'm not sure they translate into sales. One of the things I've noticed is that the Poodle AVs tend to get an increase in views for 2-3 days before someone makes a purchase. This makes sense to me; avatars are a very personal thing.

Thinking about trying the "pay for a special listing" in SLExchange. Posting about the Doll in the forums garnered a lot of views, but they haven't translated into purchases at this point.

The Sound Prims are very popular. I'm hoping the instruction notecard gets translated into other languages. zhong-wen bu hao. I don't even know how to ask for a beer in German.

Right now it must be frustrating trying to shop for things other than clothes if you don't read English well. Working with notecard configured or voice controlled scripted items is painful enough without language problems.

Chantal turned on autoreturn. We had to mess around with Group features until we found a way to keep the vendors around. You set the land to Group (but don't deed it) and set the items' Group to the same group. I noticed that items removed via autoreturn aren't reliably returning to my Lost and Found folder in a reasonable timeframe.

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