18 December 2006

Rambling about the money game and land

It is a weird feeling knowing that I'm bringing in more than enough lindens to cover my costs. Rent on some vendor spaces, a tiny bit to land tax, and USD 7.50/month membership. I added some SLX "listing enhancements" to two of my items to see if it makes a difference. Ended up making my costs before the end of the second week this month. I could probably sell my coastline 1024M2 for 28K at this point if I wanted to move.

I'd be looking for more land if the market wasn't so tight. I'm tempted to check out rentals after the new islands get online - with the island pricing issues there's likely to be a glut after January. I wish there was an easier way to peruse the contracts and covenants. Any large space of mine is likely to have times when it is a chaotic sandbox. I like the mainland for the most part, but I wish there were roads or open waterways or something of that sort. It'd be nice to be able to fly around without constantly slamming into ban lines or being so far up that I can't see the sights.

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