27 December 2006

Tinies News

There's a Tinies' Camera out there now. Ever wonder what the world looks like when you're really really short? This lets you have access to the interface while still indulging in that immersive feeling. It places your view slightly above and behind your AV like the default view, but adjusted for your size. It comes with an attractive and intuitive HUD that can be worn at any of the HUD attachment points. You'll have to IM Neikrad Joffre for more information - I'm not parting with mine!

Speaking of tinies, if you've got a hedgehog avatar and want a copy of the "VROOOM" particles, IM me. I'm hoping to catch up to Daryth (the AV maker) and get it and the top hat/bow tie set into a freebie pack by the vendor.

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