17 December 2006

weekend overview

* I got the skins up on SLX, the home shop, and my two furry venues. Added the Sound Prims package to both of them. Still need to explore and see if there's any "neko" specific market areas.
* Made a group so my RL friends and I can have group chats.
* Still getting used to the new interface controls.
* Ended up helping several newbies. I'm honestly not sure why my black poodle avatar is such a magnet for them.
* I found Search to be having intermittent problems.
* checked out the SL Public Land Preserve - I have pics of the St Paul's Cathedral build here.
* Got talked into making a top hat and a bowtie for a friend's hedgehog avatar. Too cute!

I'm still tired from all the RL holiday partying Saturday. Too much alcohol-laden jello I guess.

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