27 December 2006

VROOM - Making Dust!

Making the VROOM particle script was interesting. Most animation overriders use a very short timer to check what default animation your avatar would be using because rotation doesn't trigger the moving events. I wanted the roadrunner-style smoke to appear only when moving fast, so I skipped the timers.

Turns out the moving events are a little cranky when used with attachments. At first, I'd get a single moving_start event right after compiling, then nothing. With a little exploring I found the wiki comments for the moving events are all on the moving_end event page. To make the moving events fire correctly, you have to add the script to the attachment, take off the attachment, then wear the attachment again. If you're changing the script while it is in the attachment, you recompile it, then remove the attachment, then wear the attachment.

llGetAnimation() returns a string telling you what activity the avatar is doing at the moment. I wasn't seeing smoke every time I wanted to, so I dropped a llOwnerSay() into the script to find out what my AV was up to. I'm not sure what Striding is (as opposed to Walking) but that was the animation state I needed. I also noticed that I get moving events sometimes while the avatar is standing still. *shrug*

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