26 December 2006

Stuff and Stuff

Been playing with prim torture and exploring interesting prim shapes. I dropped a couple things made from them into the Freebie Hat at my main store.

Helped a pleasant person making bigwheels script their first vendor. I don't like handholding while teaching past the basic stages, but when I'm working with someone who's doing their thing and asking a couple questions now and again it is a lot of fun. I guess I mentor?

My hedgehog now has a smoke trail behind it whenever I'm running or going real fast. Particles are so handy. :)

Saw a lot of people using Moopf's iceskates. Looks awesome.

Still haven't gotten around to making the next wave of poodle-phernalia, but I am thinking about it. I think I've gotten everything else done except making a tent vendor. The new animal eye textures look nice.

I saw Sound Prims on a shelf at NCI. Gave me a warm feeling. :)

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