12 December 2006

Child AVs

I (as the black poodle AV in the top pic of the blog) was messing with the landscaping of my park when a child AV got mistakenly TPed in. There was an awkward long moment of furry/child meeting, then we clarified where she was. She let me shoot her from the cannon and went on down the mainland. I've only seen a handful of people wearing child AVs, and this is only the second one up close. The base AV model seems to do some weird things to the way shirts fit, and there's some decidedly odd pinching around the waist. It ain't perfect, but the variety of human shapes the base AV can mimic impresses me.

I have to wonder though... do all child AVs have that same skipping animation?

I do wonder what SL would be like if most of the grid didn't seem to have the assumption that anyone in a child avatar was into "ageplay". One of the more surreal things about the grid is the lack of children and old people.

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