11 December 2006

Rolling fast and Rolling content

Going exploring at "Run" speed as a rolling bouncing hedgehog is wacky fun. I highly recommend it. I'm tempted to make a "turbo" attachment for that avatar - vrooom! The "Hedgehog King" found me and signed me up with a hedgehog group.

Came across a sim where the water isn't where it should be. Seeing a coastal boat scene without the water is a little creepy. I ran into the teleport problem once. Picked up Torley's new texture pack. Glad to see Torley doing something to unwind; this past week had to be hellish.

Been "generating content" when I'm not racing around as a hedgehog. Experimenting with skins - graduated color changes, spots, stripes, etc. I'm learning a lot about layer masks and image templating. Interesting tricks with Gaussian Blurs. By the end of this I'll probably have a bunch of neko/furry skins in garish colors for sale. I'm also learning where the skin pattern deforms differently on the base male and female models. I expected the differences caused by arm width and the area around the sides of the breasts. The shoulder blades and especially the eyebrows surprised me.

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