03 December 2006

Sound Prims - Get yours now!

Free on SLX.

Do you want to add sound to your creations, but scripting makes you cringe?

Sound Prims are super easy. You drop the sounds you want to hear into the prim, and you're done. You can do whatever you want with the prims (you get full permissions) so go wild! Link them into your builds!

Want to use a sound? Put it in the prim. Changed your mind? Take it out of the prim. Sound Prims are that easy.

You get a collection of prims with different abilities.
- Loop a sound. This only makes noise if you have ONE sound in it. If you have two, it is silent.
- Intermittent prims play one of their sounds every couple minutes. Great for environmental background noise!
- Intermittent Day prims act as Intermittent during the daytime only.
- Intermittent Night prims act as Intermittent during the nighttime only.
- On Touch prims play one of their sounds once when touched.
- On Attach prims play one of their sounds once when attached.

These are scripted, so they will be silent if you are in a "no scripts" area.

For the daring: The scripts are open so you can view and change them. Loudness and time intervals are clearly marked at the top of the scripts so they're easy to modify. The scripts are included separately as well, so you can turn your existing prims into sound prims.

Official Stuff:

Any products that you make using Sound Prims and Sound Prims Scripts are yours to do with as you please. Sell them, give them away, wear them on your head, do whatever brings you joy.

This Sound Prims package is meant to be free to all. If you ended up paying more than 1L for it, let everyone and their brother know who the worthless scum-bucket was that sold it to you. Give copies of the Sound Prim package to your friends and neighbors. Pass it out to newbies. You're welcome to include it, whole and unmodified, with other packages of freebies.

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Torley said...

Thanx again for these, Storm! I really wanna give 'em a whirl inworld — work's been busy lately and I haven't had an opportunity to bliss out with the sounds of the seashore etc., but I'm looking forward to it.

So glad you made them come true... big thanxies to you! :D