15 December 2006

todo list

Weekend SL plans:

* finish up adverts for the rest of the new skins.
* list them on SLX.
* check out the SL Public Land Preserve
"I have a November activities and donations report on the SL Public Land Preserve available in notecards in the tree house at Botany's Grove, use SEARCH to find it and tp there."


* examine inworld skins sales ideas
* particle scripts for HH - vroom, mask "dragon breath", maybe flaming spines?
* main shop rebuild. (Park is 32x32m)
* read up more on how groups work
* email resume to LL, said they'll consider telecommuting software engineers.
* concept work on season's poodle-phernalia. leather vest maybe?
* set up a one-prim tent vendor?
* make some new Animal Eyes

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